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Augusta (KS) Daily Gazette

Augusta  Augusta Daily Gazette
Augusta is in Butler Co., KS
Online Access: The paper’s website has a free archive search ‘powered by NewsBank’ that seems to indicate that it goes back to 2000.  NewsBank and GenealogyBank has the newspaper back to Feb 2001. has obituaries for 2004-2008 in the Obituary Collection. There is an index to some obituaries in Butler County, Kansas here.

The Wayback Machine holds the following Obituaries or Death Notices. These are from 1999-2004

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Irene V. Hansen
Retired teacher Irene V. Hansen, 85, Wichita, sister of Velma Pocock of Augusta, died Saturday, Aug. 12, 2000.
Beverly Brown
Beverly Ann Gallagher Brown, formerly of Augusta, died Thursday, Aug. 3, 2000.
James Fletcher
James Arthur Fletcher, 89, of Fox, Okla., grandfather of Jamie Huckins of Augusta, died Sunday, Aug. 6, 2000.
Erica L. Smith
Erica Leigh (Boucher) Smith, 20, homemaker of Augusta, died Thursday, April 26, 2001.
Tim Wadsworth
Tim Wadsworth, 51, of Rawlins, Wyo., formerly of Wichita, teacher and coach, and brother of Amy Wells of Augusta, died Wednesday, April 25, 2001.
Pauline A. Lee
Pauline A. Lee, 78, retired Western Machine Works bookkeeper of Douglass, died Wednesday, April 25, 2001.
Catherine Berndsen
Catherine (Betzen) Berndsen, 87, Augusta, died Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2001.
Emma Seymour
Charlotte Emma Seymour, 92, Herington, died Tuesday, July 31, 2001 at the Herington Nursing Home.
Melinda K. Ades
Melinda K. Ades, 36, of Omaha, formerly of El Dorado, homemaker and sister of Lavona Larson of Douglass, died Monday, Nov. 19, 2001.
Ruth Irene White
Ruth Irene (Smith) White, 94, of Augusta, formerly of El Dorado, homemaker, died Sunday, Dec. 9, 2001.
Gezella Wheeler
Gezella "Sally" Wheeler, 79, former resident of Augusta, died Tuesday, April 2, 2002 in Phoenix, Ariz.
Richard P. Maly
Richard Patrick Maly, 38, of Kenner, Neb., brother of John Maly of Augusta, died March 26, 2002.
Ronald D. Mullin
Ronald Dean Mullin, 58, Beaumont, Texas, formerly of Augusta, died Thursday, May 30.
Linda C. Hill
Linda C. Hill, 52, Augusta, homemaker, died Monday, May 27, 2002.
Hugh McHone
Alfred "Hugh" McHone, 80, Augusta, retired Cessna Aircraft sheet metal worker, died Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2003.
Amelia Prilliman
Amelia Prilliman, 84, Milton, homemaker, mother and mother-in-law of Lowell and Marilyn Prilliman of Augusta, died Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2003.
Howard Holliday
Howard Y. Holliday, 84, Augusta, retired Mobil Oil employee, died Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2003.
Holly G. Ponder
Holly Gholson Ponder, 84, Augusta, retired quality engineer at Beech Aircraft, died Thursday, June 5, 2003.
Royce DeVaughan
Royce DeVaughan, 73, Douglass, retired welding and backhoe business owner, died Tuesday, July 28, 2003.
David R. Lafferty
David Ray Lafferty, 56, Wichita, father of Dawn Hromek of Augusta, died July 29, 2003.
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William Harrison
A graveside service will be held at 2 p.m. Monday, Dec. 8, at the Benton Cemtery for William E. Harrison, 72.
Royce Cushman
Royce E. Cushman, 76, Kingston, Okla., former owner and operator of Cushman Truck and Auto in El Dorado, father of Sally Gaskill of Augusta, died Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2003.
Wanda Mae Price
Wanda Mae Price, 71, Medford, Okla., formerly of Augusta, died Friday, Feb. 6, 2004.
Constance McMurphy
Constance J. McMurphy of Augusta, died Saturday, Oct. 21, 2000.
Thelma Hoge
Thelma Esther (Simon) Hoge, 69, Augusta, retired inspector/Beech Aircraft, died Thursday, Oct. 19, 2000.
Charlotte Ratzlaff
Charlotte A. Ratzlaff, Las Vegas, Nev., sister to Bill, Bob, and Todd Stueven and Deborah McHone, all of Augusta, died Thursday, Oct. 19, 2000.
Linda Wilson
Retired teacher Linda Sellers Wilson, 97, Wichita, mother of Virginia Lawrence, Augusta, died Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2000.
Betty Welch
Betty Louise Loffland Welch, 74, Anchorage, Alaska, mother of David Loffland Wilson, Augusta, died Sunday, Oct. 15, 2000.
"Mike' Hughes
Contractor/welder Walter Michael (Mike) Hughes, 53, Augusta, died Thursday, Oct. 19, 2000.    
Dr. William Cleary
Dr. William R. Cleary, 65. Paola, former school superintendent here, died Tuesday, Aug. 24, 1999 at his home.
Irvin Seeman
Irvin Seeman, 93, of San Diego, Calif. died Tuesday Aug. 24,1999. He was the brother of Florence Zerbe of Augusta.
Laura E. Kunkel, Brett A. Kunkel
A double funeral service was held today in Douglass for victims of a traffic accident last week in Wichita.  Brett Allan Kunkel, 13, of Wichita, died Thursday, Aug. 19, 1999 in Wichita.  Laura Elizabeth Kunkel, 15, of Wichita, died Monday Aug. 23, 1999, in Wichita.
Lottie B. Learned
Lottie B. Learned, 90, Mulvane, retired barber, died Sunday, Aug. 12, 2001.
John E. Purk
John Edsel Purk, 59, Wichita, retired telephone company lineman, died Saturday, Aug. 11, 2001.
Michael J. Silver
Michael J. Silver, 59, Augusta, lawyer and farmer, died Sunday, Aug. 12, 2001.
Violet Mae Poor
Douglass resident and retired hospital central supply technician, died Sunday, Jan. 27, 2002.
Duaine Tennyson
Lynnwood, Wash. resident and brother of Phillip Tennyson of Augusta, age 69, retired Boeing Co. (Seattle) employee, died Sunday, Jan. 20, 2002.
Leita M. Paul
Leita M. Paul, 83, Augusta, homemaker, died yesterday.
Gail B. Galvan
Gail B. Galvan, 68, Wichita, retired Boeing Wichita burr shop union steward, mother of Martin Galvan of Augusta, died Monday, April 22, 2002.
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Blake Edward Hanzlick
Blake Edward Hanzlick, 43, Augusta, Kansas Turnpike Authority electrician, died Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2002.
Gerald L. Harding
Gerald L. Harding, 69, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., died Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2002.
Lisa Marie Kidd
Lisa Marie Kidd of Arkansas City, the 18-month-old great-granddaughter of Pat Braden and Robert Braden, both of Augusta, died Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2002.
Garnette Timmons
Garnette (Lawrence) Timmons, 100, Wichita, retired Beech Aircraft Corp. expediter, homemaker, mother and mother-in-law of Carol and Gene Moser of Augusta, died Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2002.
Judith Ann Edwards
Judith Ann Edwards, 63, Augusta, retired Beech Aircraft employee and lead operator for Pizza Hut, died Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2002.
Irene E. Willhoite
Irene E. Willhoite, 94, Augusta, homemaker and retired registered nurse, died Thursday, Nov. 28, 2002.
Betty Chancey
Betty Jane Chancey, 77, Bixby, Okla., mother of Larry Chancey of Augusta, died Thursday, Aug. 14, 2003.
George W. Greene
George W. Greene, 83, Rolla, Mo., father and father-in-law of George Robert and Jennifer Greene of Augusta, died Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2003.
Viva L. Zang
Viva L. Zang, 93, Augusta, retired Butler County school teacher, former resident of El Dorado, died Thursday, Aug. 14, 2003.
Michael David Panzer
Michael David Panzer, 35, Wichita, aircraft sheet metal mechanic, son of Dennis and Maria Panzer of Augusta, died Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2003.
Barbara Schulze
Homemaker Barbara Jean Smith Schulze, 70, Wichita, daughter of Anna Capansky, Augusta, died Thursday, Sept. 14, 2000.
Mildred Ballinger
Mildred (Millie) L. Ballinger, 92, of Augusta, died Thursday, Feb. 7, 2002 at Augusta Regional Medical Complex.
Helen Schoenthaler
Helen Marie Schoenthaler, 68, of Wichita, homemaker, former Mitchell Miller IGA clerk and mother of Shawn Schoenthaler of Douglass, died Thursday, Feb. 7, 2002.
Edith M. Barkley
Edith M. (Brewer) Barkley, 91, of Augusta, formerly of Howard, retired Elk County probate judge, died Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2002.
Harry Davis Jones
Harry Davis Jones, 75, of Wichita, retired Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. mechanical engineer and father of Stan Jones of Douglass, died Thursday, Feb. 7, 2002.
Altha Marie Northern
Altha Marie Northern, 91, Augusta, retired owner and operator of Altha's Beauty Shop for over 40 years, died Wednesday, July 31, 2002.
Lourine M. Bruening
Lourine M. Bruening, 84, Topeka, homemaker, former Augusta resident, died Thursday,, Aug. 1, 2002.
Anita Chappuie
Anita B. Chappuie, 75, Independence, formerly of Augusta, homemaker and librarian, died Thursday, July 10, 2003.
Milo K. Miller
Milo K. Miller, 88, retired S.W. Body Trailer Co. plant manager and former Loadcraft Trailer Co. vice president, of Augusta, died Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2001.
Mildred F. Roche
Former Douglass resident Mildred Frances Roche, 86, died Feb. 9, 2001 in Barrington, Ill.
Cindy R. Best
Former Augusta resident Cindy Renee Best, 37, Mount Hope, died Sunday, Feb. 25, 2001.
"Bill' Brown
William Earl "Bill" Brown, 63, mechanic of Augusta, died Monday, April 2, 2001.
Donald E. Powell
Donald Eugene "Don" Powell, 73, of Wichita, retired Cessna Aircraft Co. personnel manager and father of Eric Powell of Augusta, died Monday, April 2, 2001.
Betty Joan James
Betty Joan James, 69, of Emporia, homemaker and mother of Carla James of Augusta, died Monday, June 18, 2001.
Dorothy Barth
Dorothy (Smith) Barth, 82, of Augusta, homemaker, died Sunday, June 17, 2001.
Amanda Carter
Amanda Marie Carter, 15, Augusta High School student, died Friday, June 15, 2001.
Stan Kippenberger
Stan H. Kippenberger, 73, of Augusta, retired Boeing Aircraft engineer, died Saturday, June 16, 2001.
Virgil McNutt
Virgil Lloyd McNutt, 73, of Augusta, Walmart employee and former Boeing Wichita and Cessna Aircraft Co. sheet metal employee, died Friday, June 15, 2001.
Herschell Grundy
Herschell L. Grundy, 76, of Eureka, farmer, USD 389 and Eureka Senior Center bus driver and stepfather of Sandra Moore of Douglass, died Saturday, June 16, 2001.

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Marie Turner
Marie Turner, 53, homemaker of Augusta, died Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2001.
Beatrice House
Beatrice E. House, 96, Douglass, retired dental assistant, died Tuesday, April 3, 2001.
Thomas Green
Thomas Robert Green, 75, of Augusta, retired Gas Service Co. machine operator and Christ Lutheran Church employee, died Sunday, June 24, 2001.
Shirley A. Noce
Shirley Ann Noce, 64, of Emporia, mother of Glifford Noce of Augusta died Monday, Nov. 19, 2001.
Delbert E. Diver
Delbert E. Diver, 71, retired Kaneb Pipeline station operator of El Dorado and father of Joseph Diver of Augusta, died Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2001.
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G. O. Hollingsworth
Gilbert O. Hollingsworth, 80, formerly of Augusta, retired self-employed building contractor and former Hollingsworth Model Shop owner, died Wednesday, June 27, 2001.
William C. Fry
William C. "Bill" Fry, Wichita, former Derby Service Station owner and operator, brother to Lois Meyers of Augusta, died Wednesday, March 27, 2002.
Rosa S. Dohm
Rosa S. Dohm, 92, of Sharon, homemaker, sister of Ralph Dtigen of Augusta, died Sunday, Feb. 11, 2001.
Dennis "Butch" Edwards
Dennis B. "Butch" Edwards, 54, of Douglass, retired Boeing maintenance employee, died Thursday, March 28, 2002.
Naomi H. Moore
Homemaker Naomi H. Moore, 85, Augusta, died Monday, Feb. 12, 2001.
Donald Maloney
Donald A. Maloney, 76, Eureka, father of Harry Maloney of Augusta, died Thursday, Dec. 20, 2001.
Estella F. McKee
Estella Faye McKee, 91, Augusta, formerly of Laverne, Okla., died Wednesday, June 18, 2003.
Annabelle Sipe
Annabelle Sipe, 71, Fort Scott, formerly of Augusta, died Friday, Nov. 1, 2002.
Clifford J. Pray
Clifford Junior Pray, 75, Wichita, C.J. Pray Service owner, father of Sheryl Pray of Douglass, died Monday, Feb. 10, 2003.
Donald Simmons
Donald W. Simmons, 64, Andover, Cessna tooling manager and retired Boeing employee, died Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2003.
Genevive Gilliland
Genevive "Marie" Gilliland, 77, retired Boeing Wichita production employee of Augusta, died Sunday, April 29, 2001.
Ethel I. Hurlbut
Ethel I. (Christman) Hurlbut, 98, Augusta, homemaker, died yesterday.
Geneva DeHoff
Geneva DeHoff, 90, of Augusta died Monday, Nov. 4, 2002.
Viva L. Zang
Viva L. Zang, 93, Augusta, retired Butler County school teacher, former resident of El Dorado, died Thursday, Aug. 14, 2003.
Jerry D. Combs
Jerry D. Combs, 73, Wichita, retired Associated Druggists vice president, father and father-in-law of John and Karen Combs of Augusta, died Saturday, Nov. 2, 2002.

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